2017 Reading Challenge

Despite a valiant last push at the end of 2016, I (YET AGAIN!) did not manage to reach my goal of 50 books in a year. I did manage to equal my personal best of 41 books so I’m pretty pleased about that because despite what some people might think, reading on maternity leave is not as easy as you might think (seeing as reading requires a functioning mind etc.).

But I’m determined to do it! I have set myself the same target for 2017 and I have managed 2 books so far: Hidden Depths by Ann Cleeves and The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking (best name ever, right?!).  I am going to writing more about the concept of Hygge and this book soon.

I am also determined to read more books just for pleasure (as opposed to what is required or what I think I ought to read!). I particularly want to read more crime fiction as I really enjoy it. My dad has recommended Peter May so I am going to check him out soon.


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