My Mother’s Day

Woken at 8am – oh no it’s 9am (thanks daylight savings) with cuppa, cards (three from Lina and one from Austin) and a fab present (a cinema light box which I am super stoked about).

Rush to get ready for church – Evelina’s first Rainbows service.Church – nice hymns and people. Evelina told the congregation that’s what she loves about me is when I say don’t get food on your top over and over and then immediately do that myself. She didn’t say it very clearly so I think most people didn’t catch it but I knew what she said because we were laughing about it the other day. File under: Watch What You Say to Evelina Because She May Repeat it Back in Church Someday. The Rainbows’ pictures of their mums were up on the wall – I spotted me straight away (because of the blue hair similar to one of my cards from this morning!). Evelina brought me over a bunch of daffodils.

Return home from church and Austin decides to give me a reality check by throwing up all over me. The custard he had yesterday obviously did not agree with his current lactose intolerant state.

Clean us both up while Rich cleans the floor again.

Over to my parents’ house to celebrate with my mum. My brother was up to visit making us all happy but Evelina the happiest. Dad cooked a lovely Côte de Boeuf. I forgot the raspberries and strawberries which were my only contribution so Rich had to go back home for them. Typical me.

When we get home Rich ‘and Evelina’ cook breakfast for dinner for me (since we didn’t have time this morning) and then we get Austin to bed, put Evelina in the bath, story then Evelina tells me I’m the best mum. #hearteyesemoji

Go downstairs, glass of wine, Top Gear x 2 and bed.

Austin made these for me at nursery this week. 😍

My new light box sums it all up:

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