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100 Days of Writing Happy

Today is the first day of #The100DayProject which is run by Elle Luna and Lindsay Jean Thomson. Last year, I took on too much at a time when Austin was still pretty young. I am not sure I have any less on my plate now, being back to work and balancing all that, but I do want to a) focus on positive things that make me happy b) write something every day so I have decided to have another go.


This year, my unique hashtag is #100daysofwritinghappy: I will either write something that makes me happy or write about something that makes me happy. This way, it will not only be #the100dayproject but also #100daysofhappiness.


To make it work, I will give myself flexibility – most pieces will be written in my Moleskin notebook but I will also write elsewhere should I feel like it – my blog, my phone or anywhere so long as I get it done. My only set rule is that I need to write at least 100 words every day.

Starting this challenge makes happy so this is Day 1 complete!


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