The Shortest Season

It is my favourite time of year. The summer ends and we start anew. The leaves start changing into golds and reds and oranges and the wind cools. Cardigans and boots get pulled out of the cupboard. Hearty dishes appear on the weekly meal plan.   I do so love this time of year and yet every year, it is the same. It seems to be over in no time at all.

The season barrels on by made worse by my work being at its most demanding and the juggernaut of birthday / Christmas time approaching fast. I am always left a little frustrated that I haven’t been able to simply enjoy the season. Whilst going away in half term was so much fun, it took away the time I usually spend with the kids playing in the woods. The seaside in October is a very different vibe!

I also started my new book venture becoming an Usborne Book Organiser which added a bit more work and mental headspace. It is still very much in its fledgeling stage but it is so much fun playing with books and getting books into the hands of little kiddos. You can like my Facebook page or follow me on Instagram for more on this if you are interested.

Our autumn bucket list will now remain incomplete which is absolutely fine – there were a lot of things we did manage to do and the list was an arbitrary length anyway.  It didn’t help that the past couple of weeks have been wasted since I have been too under the weather to get enthusiastic about anything. I just found the harvested lavender which yet again ended up rotting in a plastic bag instead of being dutifully sewn into precious little lavender bags. Add to that another unsuccessful year for NaNoWriMo and I am left feeling a bit deflated (yes, there are still 12 days to go but I am realistic enough to know, I can’t write 35,000 words in 12 days). My mantra of ‘There’s always next year’ will just have to apply again.

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