19 for 2019

Last year, I worked through most of my 18 for 2018 list and I am feeling pretty good about what I did manage to do. I have carried forward the things I still want to accomplish (which I started last year but did not finish) and I have added a whole load of new goals.

Some are simple and some are more tricky. They are all designed to help improve my general well-being and I will be keeping my One Little Word of WORTH in mind as I navigate through the year. 2018 has been a funny year. I think on balance it has been fine. I made some good progress in a lot of areas of my life but some tough work issues arose in the last quarter and it has completely skewed my perception of the year.

The gratitude journal (number 2 below) will begin by focussing on all that I am grateful for from last year to help redress the balance.  I will update my progress here or on Instagram

  1. Finish the first draft of my novel
  2. Start a gratitude journal
  3. Make a plan to tackle my health worries
  4. Research supply teaching roles
  5. Grow my Usborne book venture
  6. Complete the FutureLearn Literature and Mental Health course
  7. Complete Tsh Oxendreider’s Like Your Life course
  8. Complete a Project Life album
  9. Bake a new type of bread using my new bread maker
  10. Finish Austin’s quilt
  11. Learn a new piece on the piano
  12. Find a piano teacher for Evelina
  13. Have an adventure with Austin
  14. Visit a new place
  15. Do a park run (even if I walk most of it)
  16. Exercise 52 times
  17. Write in my One Little Word journal for 2019 every month
  18. Have 12 date nights
  19. Read 50 books

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