One Little Word – Worth

Last year, I worked through the One Little Word workshop properly for the first time (in previous years, I have chosen a word in January and then barely thought about it for the rest of the year). I really enjoyed the process although the word – FIND – never did manage to fit for some reason.

This year, I found choosing my word a lot easier. Perhaps this is because I am not working on the full album (I have opted for the journal and class only instead) or maybe it has just struck me that this word carries a lot of weight for me at the moment.

I chose the word WORTH because how I am very aware that how I currently assign value to my worth is not healthy or good for me long term. I really want to spend some time this year reframing what I consider to be my worth. I also want to think about how I can be worthwhile to others and how others are worthwhile to me (which I hope to capture in my gratitude journal).

At the moment, I think too much of my self-worth is tied up in how good I am at my job and since I work in an environment with little praise and since I have pretty low self-esteem, this culminates in me feeling pretty worthless. This is clearly not a desirable outcome!

Going forward, I want to be able to acknowledge all the ways that I am worth something, offering myself the same grace that I would afford a good friend instead of beating myself up for not being good enough. Grace, incidentally, was my other choice for the year but I feared that I would let myself use it as an excuse everytime I wanted to avoid doing something tough or out of my comfort zone (I could hear myself saying, ‘Kate, give yourself the grace to sit and watch another TV show’ instead of doing a little bit of exercise). It’s a great word, just not right me right now.

I am excited to get started with the journalling when it arrives. I will be sharing some pictures of my FIND album from 2018 when I finish the last prompt from December which I hope will be sometime this week.

By the way, the gorgeous hand lettering WORTH was bought from Hey Let’s Make Stuff who chose this word last year,

3 thoughts on “One Little Word – Worth”

  1. I was just rolling the word worth around in my head and I decided to do a quick search and your post came up. I could have written this post. Thank you for being so open an honest and helping me realise that worth is the perfect word for me right now.

    1. I only just saw your message but I am so glad that I was able to write something that was helpful to you. Worth is still a powerful word for me and one that I still have not fully owned yet. I hope you find some peace with this word.

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