Project Life 2017

As we go through different seasons in life, it is clear to me that certain things are easy to let drop. Memory keeping is something that I thoroughly enjoy as a past time but I am struggling in this season to stay on top of it. Where I used to spend regular chunks of time working through our photos, taking photos intentionally and getting our albums together, sometimes on a weekly basis, now I find I am taking fewer photos and choosing to spend my evenings watching TV instead of working on my Project Life. This was why I decided to add completing a Project Life album to my 19 for 2019 list.

On Wednesday, I managed to finish my 2017 album. I started this album in 2017 and managed to keep it going weekly until June. Our lives hit a major stumbling block in March that year and I think I must have just not had the energy, heart or motivation to keep the album going. Thankfully, I did manage to keep some ephemera from cinema trips etc. so when I decided to get the album finished, it only took me a couple of weeks to do it.

I started by saving all the photos I wanted to choose (I aimed for roughly 7 landscape photos per week although some weeks I struggled because I had just taken enough that were worth sharing. Once I had them all saved in one place (as we are using Apple Photos, I exported them to a separate folder although I probably could have just created an album and done it that way which would save the original photo date info on the photo file.

I then uploaded all the photos in the folder to Snapfish (I use this and Bonusprint usually) as I had way too many to print at home. When they arrived a few days later, I matched them up to the relevant weeks (this is where keeping the photo information would be better as you could rename the files to the date and have these printed on the back of the photo – much better than scrolling back and forth trying to find that particular coffee shop trip!

I added the ephemera and then after another round of photo ordering (I had more gaps than I expected), I had all the photos and ephemera in the pockets. The final step was the journaling. I try to write everything as if it has just happened which means that I have to try to get myself into the mindset of whatever was going on at that point in 2017. I think this is my favourite part as it really helps me connect to my memories and when I was finished. I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the remarkable life I have. Seeing all those happy (and sometimes not so happy) times all together makes me so grateful for what I have.

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