Bold – my word of the year

It’s taken me a couple of weeks to pin this one down. I am not planning on working through the Ali Edwards One Little Word workshop the year, I do want to pick the right word as a way of focusing on what is important for me this year. I had quite a list of words with ‘endeavour’, ‘shine’, ‘rise’, ‘adventure’ and ‘brave’ all appealing to me for different reasons.

The latter was not quite right. It get too vulnerable and too dramatic; after all, what do I need to be brave about. And yet I do feel like I am holding myself back, whether that is through fear or anxiety, so when I found this trinket the other day, the work BOLD lit itself up for me.

So what does it mean for my year? I think I will just keep this word visible for those moments when I doubt myself or feel unsure. It’s such a strong, happy word. I feel really good about this!

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