20 in 2020 update

With just a few days to go left of this year, I thought it might be amusing to look at what lovely things I imagined I would get up to this year in my 20 in 2020 list. My first impression of this list is that I actually did more of the things than I expected and the things I haven’t done are not really because of COVID.

Here is my list for 2020:

  1. Finish Austin’s quilt (Austin has started asking after his quilt – this needs to be a priority for 2021);
  2. Complete a project life album (why not done? not sure. I can’t print at home because our printer ink is not up to it so I think the extra step of having to upload photos and send off for prints has made this a non-starter);
  3. Choose a word of the year; BOLD – I am not sure I felt very bold this year but having the word present certainly helped me remember that I ought to try to be bold…;
  4. Read something or attend something that will further my professional practice;
  5. Attend a book launch; Thanks Kat!
  6. Go on a writer’s retreat; A couple of nights in the Leicester Hilton is not the writing idyll I had imagined but it was certainly a wonderful way to get some writing done…
  7. Attend a concert (no chance!);
  8. Take the kids to a new swimming pool; Our Norfolk camp site had a swimming pool. It counts, ok?
  9. Eat at a new (to us) restaurant with Rich (not happening now we are in Tier 3!);
  10. Visit a new place Sheringham, Norfolk was a lovely new place to visit
  11. Take a yoga or pilates class (in real life or online); Online, obvs.
  12. Get our home filing organised;
  13. Read The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt (I didn’t read this but I did read 50 other books!);
  14. Complete the Literature and Mental Health course by Future First;
  15. Write in an unusual place; (I don’t think the Leicester Hilton counts. I am determined to get this done before 31st December…
  16. Have coffee with a friend; My most recent was a coffee during a dog walk with Harper (the dog) and Katy (the friend);
  17. Organise the children’s artwork; (I still don’t know where to start with this).
  18. Go on a family bike ride;
  19. Bake something new with the kiddos; – nothing new but plenty of baking…
  20. Go to the theatre. – sadly, not happening any time soon.

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