A Word

If you have followed me for longer than a year then you will know by now that I like to choose a word of the year. Last year’s choice was BOLD and boy, did we all need that word given the year that we have had. Since 2020 went against all our expectations, I am not really sure how much this word ended up helping me but I am not sure any word would have been up to that task really. 

Now we are at the beginning of a new year, one that is dragging the weight of the expectations of the entire world with it, I am trying to decide what my word of the year will be

The only word that keeps coming to mind is HOPE.

It is tentative. It is positive. It is an incantation and a reminder. It is what I need and what the year offers (despite all the worry for what may still lie ahead). 

When I started writing this post, I had not yet decided on my word but this is why this process is so uncanny; the words when they come do seem to emerge like the buds of a spring flower. Such a lovely word. I love how it feels in the mouth: like blowing out a candle or blowing a kiss.


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