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I Want to Remember

I want to remember the smile on Evelina’s face when she pulled off an awesome lift in her Acro show today.

I want to remember the simple joy of a family barbeque and the sun bathing the garden in golden light. I want to remember how we ate and laughed and hugged.

I want to remember the kids playing with the water hose to cool down, shrieking in glee, and taking it in turns to soak each other.

I want to remember the way Harper pushes into me so that I give her some love.

I want to remember watching Austin tackle the ball away from an opponent and then go on to shoot (on target – no goal that time).

I want to remember Austin checking in on a boy on the other team after that boy was hit by the ball (by another player altogether).

I want to remember Austin telling Evelina that he was proud of her after her show and that he loves her.

I want to remember that one of my Year 9 students gave me mini Daim bars over the course of a few lessons this week because I told him I loved them (and he had just been to Ikea so had a big bag of them!).

I want to remember listening to Evelina practice piano. She is currently learning Colours of the Wind from Pocahontas.

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