One Line a Day

As part of my renewed desire to journal regularly, I dug out my One Line a Day journal which I started in 2020. When I started it, I had no idea that I would be recording the start of a pandemic. I only managed to do it daily until July. In 2021, I only managed a few days in January. The world was just too bleak to journal (although now I am so annoyed I didn’t record more of this time which I hope will never be repeated.

My entry for the 1st Jan 2021 was so sombre:

A quiet new year. No celebrations with friends this year – instead we entered Tier 4 restrictions shutting all non-essential shops and businesses. 2021 must be better than 2020.

For 2023, I am hoping for a full year of short journal entries that can be done just before bed without taking too much time and that hopefully will barely mention Covid. Day 8 and I am still on track!

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