Five Places I Want to Visit Some Day

  1. Rome – I have been to Italy many times but never to the capital. Studying Latin up to A Level has left me with a lifelong fascination with Ancient Rome and I would love to see the sites I read about all those years ago.
  2. Hawaii – The breathtaking landscapes have been shown through many films and television shows like Jurassic Park and Lost and I would just love to visit these amazing locations in person.
  3. New Zealand – I don’t think it is possible to watch Lord of the Rings and not fall in love with this country. Plus the accent is A+.
  4. Pacific NorthWest / Portland, Oregon- I want to visit the Pacific North West for the beautiful scenery but also Portland for the book shops and quirky vibe.
  5. Prince Edward Island – As I am writing this list, I am realising how much I am drawn to these impressive locations which have been shared on the screen. Anne with an E was filmed here and it looks simply stunning.

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