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Five Goals for February

I am not going to be writing every day on here but I do want to maintain a somewhat regular writing habit as I have really enjoyed engaging with my blog again and I hope you have enjoyed it too. When I started blogging way back in 2008, I use my blog as a memory-keeping tool. It was a way for me to keep track of the everyday as well as the exceptional events. As I was reflecting back on January for my last post, I realised that my blog was the best way to see not only what I had been doing but what I had been thinking about, planning, hoping for, and wondering.

If I can use the blog as a memory-keeping tool, I can also use it for my goal-setting. A place to write down my intentions for the month, be they ambitious or simple.

  1. Organise and execute Austin’s birthday weekend including his first EVER birthday party. Covid put paid to any earlier celebrations and so I hope this weekend goes well.
  2. Write 1,500 words on my blog. My writing accountability partner has already checked in with and I have set the goal of writing 750 words over the next two weeks. If I stick to this then feasibly I should be able to write 1,500 words over the next month.
  3. Cook a special Valentine’s dinner. We hate going out for Valentine’s day and we usually have the same dinner every year (prawn pil pil followed by steak and chips). I may shake things up this year with a new menu. I love cooking so I am excited to get planning on this.
  4. Complete the journalling course I started in January. The Laura Tremaine course will only be available for another month so I really need to get on with it!
  5. Read The Silent Land by Graham Joyce. One of the AQA English Language exams used an extract from this so I have always been intrigued to read the rest. I started it on my Kindle the other day as I was not settled reading the book which I had been reading on my Kindle for some reason. Sometimes I need to leave a book and come back to it another time if I am not connecting with it. I hope to read more than one book as I am also reading a physical book (The Dictionary of Lost Words by Pip Williams) but I am particularly enjoying this one so I have kept the goal very achievable.

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