I Noticed Today

I noticed today how high you come up at my side. You are growing and growing and those body-slam-hugs you like to give me at hometime are going to knock me over one day!

I noticed today your freckles and how many you have. When did they appear? For a long time, you only had one or two and now there are constellations of freckles twinkling across your nose and cheeks.

I noticed today how you still use a baby voice when you feel a little unsure. You climbed over the top of the climbing frame and you weren’t certain you could make it. You ordered me into various positions but you also listened to my instructions until you safely swung yourself over the top.

I noticed today how brave you are about having another blood test tomorrow to test to see if you have an immediate milk allergy.

I noticed today how kind and friendly you are. You always say hello to other students from your school when we are out and about and you are so lovely with your friends.

I noticed today that you will still hold my hand, even in front of a crowd of secondary students walking home from school.

I noticed today how you still like to skip through the park and play on the swings and other play equipment. You were so excited to see the roundabout had been replaced (even if it is slower and smaller than it was).

I noticed today how seven definitely seems older than six.

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