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Five Things for Half Term

I am hitting this February half-term with mixed feelings. Whilst I am so glad for it to arrive, I am also wiped out and feeling somewhat anxious about the next few teaching weeks which are some of the most pressured of the year as we barrel towards the exams at an ever-increasing speed.

Even so, next week the children and I are off for half term and Rich has taken a couple of days off too so I am determined that Fun Will Be Had despite the mountain of marking which looms like the huge peak (black and huge) in Wordsworth’s ‘The Prelude’ (if you know, you know). As usual, there are a million things we want to do but I also need to be realistic and fit things around Evelina’s teeth extractions (she has to have some remaining baby teeth out to make room) and Austin’s holiday club day.

  1. Have days out with the kids separately. On Saturday, I am taking Evelina to the West End in London to meet up with our dear friends and see Six: The Musical, and Rich is hoping to take Austin out somewhere.
  2. Visit Jump In. The kids love that hellscape and since Austin got a voucher for his birthday, they are keen to get jumping. *shudder*
  3. Go swimming. This is the most requested activity and we never do it. I really need to take them somewhere swimming. It will be fine when I’m in.
  4. Bake cookies. Another much-loved activity. Austin has specifically requested some dairy-free choc chip cookies so this is a no-brainer.
  5. Visit a National Trust property where we can walk Harper. Maybe Charlecote? I need to check for dog-friendly places.

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