Finishing up my 19 for 2019

I did two things I haven't done before with regard to my yearly list of goals: a) I changed some of the goals mid-year to align with things that became more important to me as the year went one (in the past, I have doggedly stuck to my original list); and b) I completed my… Continue reading Finishing up my 19 for 2019


18 for 2018

This year I have been enjoying the Happier with Gretchen Rubin podcast as well as Happier in Hollywood. Gretchen and Liz (her TV writer sister) are creating 18 for 2018 lists and since I have been missing my birthday lists, I thought I'd jump on board. I have made most of them finite things I can do… Continue reading 18 for 2018

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100 Days of Writing Happy

Today is the first day of #The100DayProject which is run by Elle Luna and Lindsay Jean Thomson. Last year, I took on too much at a time when Austin was still pretty young. I am not sure I have any less on my plate now, being back to work and balancing all that, but I… Continue reading 100 Days of Writing Happy


I’m taking part in #The100DaysProject

In the early ours of yesterday morning, I was wide awake. Austin was sleeping (and has been brilliant this week at sleeping up to 8 hours at a time overnight) but my mind was turning and I couldn't get to sleep. So while I was trawling through my usual online hangouts (Instagram, Pinterest, Bloglovin') I… Continue reading I’m taking part in #The100DaysProject


Books on Writing

Does anyone else have a bookshelf like this? I’ve accumulated several books on writing from my degree and from my own interest in developing my craft (*cringe*). I feel like this is what a noob writer does - read about writing to avoid actually having to, you know, write. I think my favourite book on… Continue reading Books on Writing