It is halfway through 2022 and I haven’t written a blog post since I managed to write every day for January. I thought I had cracked my writing drought but as usual, without the concrete obligation of an arbitrary challenge, I have not been able to keep it going. I haven’t added any words to my novel since March.

And I am fine with it.

The other day, I glanced at my Goodreads reading challenge progress and noticed that I had read only a handful of books so far this year. I am eleven books behind schedule. I am just not reading at all at the moment.

And I am fine with it.

When I stopped to think about all of the things that I usually do to fill my days, there are lots of other things that I haven’t been doing either: bullet journalling, baking, crafting, memory keeping, listening to podcasts… I haven’t done any of these at all this year.

And I am fine with it.

I am fine with it because I have been working on something much more important than writing novels, making scrapbooks, reading books, or listening to podcasts: I have been working on myself. I have been working on liking myself a bit better and knowing myself a bit better. I have been working on doing less and noticing more. I have been working on accepting rather than changing. I think I am about halfway there.

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