The Wonderful Side Effect of Taking Stock

When I start writing again, I see results straight away. By writing about how I have hardly written or done any of my usual pursuits lately, it made me recognise that although it was absolutely down to my shift in focus, there was also another reason for it: my workspace had become unworkable.

I started sharing my office with Evelina a while ago so that she had a decent space for homework. However, in doing this, the room had become too full with two desks and the piano. Writing the blog post put this space at the forefront of my mind so I mentioned to Rich that I wanted to sort it out.

The next thing I know, the piano is being moved out of obscurity into the previously awkwardly empty space we had in the lounge (so now it can be enjoyed aesthetically as well as practically) and the desk in my office returned to my preferred space beneath my pin boards. Sadly, I did not have the presence of mind to take a before picture but it was a cluttered pokey space. The room now looks spacious and lovely. It is gorgeous.

Below is my current workspace set-up – I didn’t even tidy it so you can see the real thing! You can see my highlighted extract from the opening of Enduring Love by Ian McEwan which I am excited to share with my Year 10s (who will undoubtedly fail to match my enthusiasm) as it is such a cracking example of how a writer structures a text to engage the reader (ifkyk!).

It makes me want to keep writing to see what will come of it next…

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