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Today’s Ta-dah List

A while back, I wrote about the beauty of keeping a ta-dah list, one that notes all the accomplishments of the day (as opposed to a regular to-do list which can sometimes sit in judgment of you for the whole day as you blithely ignore it). Here is my (our) ta-dah list for today:

  • Sold two of Austin’s unwanted toys to add to his holiday spending fund;
  • Returned several unwanted purchases to several places;
  • Cooked a cracking roast dinner;
  • Moved the piano down to the lounge;
  • Rearranged my office so that both Evelina and I have more room to work;
  • Took Evelina to her dance show dress rehearsal;
  • Sorted Austin’s drawers and bookshelves (still to be completed but the worst of it is done);
  • Planned a lesson for tomorrow (the rest I will do tomorrow or have already done);
  • Wrote a blog post (this one here!).

I would say that was pretty respectable.

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