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Keeping it Fresh

The previous incarnation of this blog, Single Glorious Thing, marked a shift in gears. As the pandemic struck in 2020, I had been struggling to find a rhythm in writing and so I tried something different. For a while, it was helpful to focus on those simple (and sometimes not so simple) pleasures and glories that make this life so wonderful. That blog title was inspired by an extract from Barbara Kinsolver’s High Tide in Tucson which was part of a weekly journalling prompt by Erin Loechner. It struck me so hard and felt so true. 

Two years on, however, it no longer felt like the focus or title was serving me. In fact, I found myself avoiding writing here because what I wanted to say didn’t seem to fit the label of a ‘single glorious thing’. I realised that I just wanted to go back to journalling in a way that allowed me to write notes on my day. And so the next incarnation of this blog is here.

Thanks for sticking with me.

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